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Mannheim - Hub of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Universitätsstadt Mannheim

With approximately 315,000 inhabitants, the university city of Mannheim is the second largest city in Baden-Württemberg. Mannheim is located in the heart of the Electoral Palatinate and forms the economic and cultural centre of the European Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area with 2.35 million inhabitants.

Mannheim is a significant city for industry and commerce, a university city and an important transportation hub between Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart, with, among other things, an ICE connection, the second largest railway yard in Germany and one of the most important inland ports in Europe.

Universitätsstadt Mannheim

Mannheim's city centre is divided into squares. The streets in the centre have no names, instead the squares are organised by letter/number combinations.

There are many shopping facilities in the centre of Mannheim. Many women even say that Mannheim ranks among the top five shopping cities in Germany.